CSIRO Capability and Facilities

The Lithium Battery Team at CSIRO Manufacturing consists of scientist and engineers from a broad range of scientific backgrounds that are engaged in multi-disciplinary projects. Our team consists of battery experts, materials scientists, electrochemists and chemists.

CSIRO capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • The preparation of advanced electrode materials for lithium batteries based on clients’ requirements
  • Applying different analysis method such as SEM, XRD to test cathode quality before cell assembly
  • Preparing advanced electrolytes containing ionic liquids (IL), organic electrolytes and lithium salts, as well as solid electrolytes
  • Chemical modification of the surface of the electrode to avoid impurities and surface damage during battery cycling
  • Electrochemical tests such as CV and EIS on the electrodes and cells
  • Assembling and testing coin cells 2032
  • Prototyping single and multilayer prismatic cells, with the maximum pouch size of 200 mm x 150 mm
  • Testing the performance of the battery with advanced battery testing systems including Series 4000 Maccor battery testers and BioLogic VMP3 potentiostat