CSIRO has over 35 years of experience with batteries in general and has been working in the lithium battery field for over 15 years. During this time, we have developed significant capability and expertise in the characterisation and testing of various components of lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries: from material characterisation (chemical, physical and electrochemical); preparation of electrodes (commercial and novel anodes and cathodes); electrolyte design (organic and ionic liquids-based); fabrication of different battery architectures (i.e. coin cells, pouch cells, flexible cells) and to testing battery performance of commercial and novel electrolytes and electrode materials. In our dedicated battery laboratory we have numerous battery testing units which allow us to test single cells at low currents, all the way up to packs of cells that would be used for vehicles or grid storage that are of relevance to field applications.

Our battery team consists of experts in the fields of materials science, electrochemistry, synthetic and analytical chemists, and engineers. We continue to work on commercial and strategic (research-based) projects, both across Australia and globally, to investigate and address a variety of current issues in the field of lithium batteries and develop practical commercial solutions.