Working with us

The Lithium Battery Team at CSIRO Manufacturing is experienced in delivering on a range of commercial activities including:

  • Independent testing and analysis – CSIRO staff test and report on supplied device performance and materials suitability
  • Ionic liquids – development and application of ionic liquids to improve cell performance and safety
  • Materials assessment – de-risk new material adoption, broaden supply chains
  • Literature review – a thematic snapshot of the current state of the art
  • Advanced prototyping – from coin cells to multilayer prismatic devices
  • High throughput electrochemical device testing – timely generation of rich experimental datasets
  • Outsourcing R&D activities – CSIRO staff develop new technologies for licence
  • Licencing – exclusive and non-exclusive licencing of CSIRO developed technologies
  • Consulting services – troubleshooting, training courses and special requests

We’re ready to partner with companies and research organisations to develop and apply new innovative technologies to enhance your products. Our science-based innovations can help boost commercial opportunities and increase profits.