Model Inputs

Meteorological Forcing:

Details of the meteorological products used as forcing for the hydrodynamic model are described under About the models – hydrodynamics.

Samples of the forcing products are displayed via the links below.

OceanMAPS still / animation
AVHRR SST still / animation

N.B. Access and OceanMAPS courtesy of Bureau of Meteorology: Bureau of Meteorology: ACCESS,  OceanMAPS

Time series of meteorological products at selected sites are accessed using the links below. These variables are used to compute the surface fluxes for the hydrodynamic model.

Air temperature
Wind speed
Wind direction
Atmospheric Pressure

River flow forcing:

Freshwater flows are included the in hydrodynamic model at the coast for the major river systems. Time series of gauged flows are accessed using the links below.

Normanby, Daintree, Barron, Mulgrave+Russell, Johnstone
Tully, Herbert, Haughton, Burdekin, Don
O’Connell, Pioneer, Fitzroy, Burnett, Mary 

River flow forcing courtesy of QLD Govt.