Information architecture

The eReefs data and information architecture is the backbone for various eReefs data and information products.

eReefs consists of many types of data from a range of agencies delivered using a range of services. The eReefs information architecture has been developed in a way which allows the various data services to be hosted in any location or by any provider. These services are brought together by using a set of rules to help to describe the data and services available from each ‘Data Provider Node’ (DPN).

These Data Provider Nodes are then brought together into a ‘Data Brokering Layer’ (DBL) which provides a point of discovery for eReefs datasets. An eReefs data visualisation portal has been built on top of this Data Brokering Layer.

The benefit of this approach is that additional data providers or additional portals, website, mobile applications, etc can be added to the infrastructure by simply following the same conventions and accessing the Data Brokering Layer.