Digiscape at Evoke Ag, 19 & 20 February

February 25th, 2019

A man holding an ipad and a sensor

Andrew Moore showing WaterWise off at Evoke Ag

Andrew Moore showing WaterWise off at Evoke Ag

We showcased several Digiscape products at the inaugural Evoke Ag: Food Farm Future event last week in Melbourne.

We had #Graincast™, which means for the first time Australian farmers can forecast their grain yield at the touch of a button, making better informed crop and paddock management decisions in near real-time.

WaterWise attracted a lot of attention – it’s a world-first, cloud-connected, plant-based sensor monitoring platform with advanced data analytics.

Our #1622app will help sugarcane farmers optimise their crop management, reduce nitrogen losses and help protect the Great Barrier Reef. For the first time, farmers will have real-time information on key factors for growing sugarcane.

And LOOC-C (‘Look see’), our software tool that allows producers to undertake a quick assessment of GHG abatement feasibility and options on their land, including estimates of abatement quantity.