Harnessing the digital revolution for Australian farmers and land managers

Digiscape is solving multiple real-life knowledge shortfalls in the land sector simultaneously. We’re supporting next generation decision making to help transform agricultural industries and environmental action.

Sounds like a complex challenge? You bet it is! Digiscape is frontier research, backed by CSIRO’s expertise in innovative thinking and our drive to meet the needs of industry, community and the environment.

  • Through harnessing the benefits of the digital revolution, Digiscape aims to help make agriculture more profitable, lower impact and lower risk
  • We are working on multiple dimensions of the solution at once to help Australian farmers and land managers innovate faster
  • Our common big data infrastructure, Senaps-LAND, is enabling us and the agtech sector unlock existing and future data for end users and become the infrastructure needed to drive collaboration.

Digiscape has already created a suite of digital solutions commercialised by the agricultural sector and has more in train. 

What could you achieve working with Digiscape’s expertise, resources and knowledge? 


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION | Dr Andrew Moore | Digiscape Leader | t 02 6246 5298  | e andrew.moore@csiro.au