Why renting, rather than buying, carbon might help mitigate climate change

February 25th, 2019

Trees clearedBy Todd Sanderson and Andrew Reeson

Our vast Australian landscape has significant potential to contribute to climate change mitigation efforts by sequestering carbon in vegetation and soils. To date, this potential remains largely untapped, in large part due to the cost and complexity of demonstrating sequestration is permanent.

To unlock Australia’s potential to mitigate climate change we might have to re-examine the rules which define carbon credit-worthy sequestration actions – that might include renting, rather than buying.

Read the full article in ECOS at https://blogs.csiro.au/ecos/renting-carbon/.

Dr Todd Sanderson is a Research Scientist in Digital Economics and Dr Andrew Reeson an economist, both with CSIRO’s Data 61 and part of Digiscape.