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Want to know more about the Crofton weed rust fungus?

The rust fungus,  Baeodromus eupatorii, infects young leaves and stems of Crofton weed and has great potential to reduce competitiveness, reproduction and spread of the weed. It was approved for release in Australia in May 2014 and has been extensively released across NSW in 2015 and 2016 in partnership with the community. The fungus has also been released in south-east Queensland and on Lord Howe Island.

One leaf of crofton weed infected by the crofton weed rust funtus © TURNER, Karen
One leaf of Crofton weed infected by the rust fungus © TURNER, Karen


You can find in the following pages information on the life cycle of the fungus, how it was released by community members over the last 2 years and approaches to redistribute it to new sites. It is noteworthy that the fungus produces wind-borne spores and thus is expected to naturally spread from sites where it is established and thriving to other Crofton weed infestations.