Biodiversity Management & Conservation

Marine biodiversity constitutes the assets that underpin many of the ecosystem services that communities and industry rely on. However, marine biodiversity is being impacted by many different pressures from different sectors that are singly and together reducing the goods and services that people derive from healthy marine ecosystems.

Domain Lead:  Piers Dunstan

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Our work on threatened, endangered and protected species represents a diverse portfolio, with strong links to researchers from Universities and other agencies.


In partnership with the NWSFTCP, we are working to develop adaptation pathways for turtle management over the next decade and beyond

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Shark Research


Marine Spatial Planning


Acoustic Ocean Monitoring


Ocean Connections – models & abundance



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NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub

Our researchers have been involved in projects delivering benefits under the National Environmental Science Program, and its predecessors.


Link to the oceans explorer spatial data portal

A spatial data visualisation tool to explore existing marine datasets, or add your own:
This tool was developed with appropriation funding from CSIRO.   Contact Chris Moeseneder or Rob Kenyon for more information.

Great Barrier Reef

  • The Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program (RRAP) Investment Case and Concept Feasibility Study recommendations and technical reports have been released and are now available on the RRAP website here:
  • The RRAP YouTube Channel also has two explainer animations that you are welcome to share with your networks: