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The International Fisheries Portfolio focuses on fisheries that operate on the high seas and/or cross national jurisdictions and are subject to international management arrangements (e.g. Regional Fisheries Management Organisations, RFMOs). The main focus is international fisheries that have Australian components and target highly migratory species, such as tuna, billfish and sharks. It also includes demersal fisheries for toothfish, such as the Macquarie Island fishery. The fisheries supported by these stocks are nationally important (southern bluefin tuna (SBT) and toothfish) and globally significant (tropical tuna in the Pacific and Indian Oceans).

Domain Lead:  Campbell Davies

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External Fisheries Assessment Reporting Procedures

Started in 2016, the External Fisheries Assessment Reporting project team has assisted the Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) to fulfill its National Priority 1: ensuring Australian fishing products are sustainable and acknowledged to be so.



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Rebuilding Troubled Fisheries (Altantis)


Genetic Tagging of SBT


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2018 CSIRO Medals – Impact from Science & Sir Ian McLennan Achievement for Industry Awards  –

View the animation done for the Awards ceremony here

Awarded to the CSIRO Southern Bluefin Tuna Monitoring and Management Team for improving the economic returns, community benefits and stock status of the Southern Bluefin Tuna fishery through delivery of a scientifically tested management system combined with the development of ground-breaking genomic assessment methods.  Recognising the collaborative science partnerships with the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT) and the Australian SBT Association (ASBTIA) and their impact on the management and status of SBT fisheries.