Vietnam’s first-ever AI marketplace set to commence

November 22nd, 2022

The Artificial Intelligence Marketplace connects researchers and experts in Vietnam with the global AI community.

Vietnam Artificial Intelligence Marketplace is a project by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, funded by our Aus4Innovation program, with the participation of Griffith University and Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The aim of the project is to help researchers and experts in Vietnam them make their products more commercially viable.

Led by CSIRO’s Data61, Australia’s top digital research agency, a platform – VNConnect is being completed in partnership with leading universities, research organisations, and technology providers. The platform is an online tool capable of self-collecting and operating a big data platform, using AI to help search and classify information about experts, organizations and businesses that research and provide digital services related to AI.

So far, the platform’s database has 4,458 Vietnamese AI experts worldwide, 836 organizations where Vietnamese work, 2,567 patents and 111,124 research papers by Vietnamese people. VNConnect will play an important role in connecting and building sustainable relationships among actors in the technology ecosystem in Vietnam.

This work builds on Aus4Innovation’s Artificial Intelligence Initiative to support AI development in Vietnam as one of the initiatives and solutions to build a close link between training, research, application and production and business needs in the field of AI.