Redefining surveillance cameras with Artificial Intelligence

March 17th, 2023

CCTVs are everywhere nowadays but what if they can do more than just record images?

Vietnamese start-up Techainer is offering Horus, a video analytics solution to not only simplify security tasks for large-scale organisations but also optimise their network & computing costs. Compatible with any surveillance camera, Horus is using facial recognition among other techs to turn conventional cameras into security guards that never sleep.

Horus is highly customisable with functions like live view, event search, threat detection and real-time alerts. It can be used in offices, factories, warehouses, construction sites as well as banks and retail stores for security, to monitor employee performance or track customer behaviour. With a support capacity of millions of registered faces, if combined with a database large enough, its potential uses are enormous.

This award-winning AI solution already earned some prestigious clients who are banks, a national energy giant and a seaport. experts at AI4VN 2022, Vietnam’s leading platform for AI tech, found Horus one of the most promising AI solutions; and Aus4Innovation is giving funding to this start-up to help it realise its goals quicker.

More details about this AI solution can be found at