Emissions Prevention, Monitoring, and Response

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Test Bed Vision:

Imagine a future where we can breathe safely, where ecosystems are not threatened by atmospheric emissions and where the quality of life is maintained for all without dangerous climatic change. Imagine a technological revolution that cleans, rather than pollutes the atmosphere.

A vision of the future of emissions prevention, monitoring, and response.

The emission test bed aims to harness interdisciplinary sciences to provide fundamental knowledge of the life cycle of pollutants, their physical and chemical properties, their impact on ecosystems, human health and the built environment.  This knowledge will underpin the development of approaches that will prevent their formation; techniques to monitor and track their distribution and concentration, and technologies to remove, reuse or destroy them.

This test bed is led by Cindy Ong and Jim Patel from CSIRO’s Energy, and is a collaboration by staff from CSIRO’s EnergyMineral ResourcesOceans and Atmosphere, and Manufacturing.