Personalised Food Revolution

August 6th, 2017

One of our seven test beds or focus areas is called Personalised Fabrication of Smart Food Systems. In the July/August issue of Food Australia Nicholas Archer, Amy Logan, and Debra Krause have outlined the vision for the work in the AIM Future Science Platform, dubbing it a “Personalised Food Revolution“.

Graphic for personalised food revolution, a fist held high holding a fork. (Reproduced with permission, Food Australia August.

Personalised Food Revolution

“The CSIRO team envisage a future where an intelligent “food generator” will use personal information collected in real time, such as a consumer’s health status and what they are planning to do, combined with information such as their genetic makeup and age, to create a smart food matrix and nutrient load that is personalised to meet their requirements for that day. Ultimately, an intelligent food generator would prepare personalised foods or inside-able material for each member of the family, on a daily basis.”

CSIRO are actively seeking partners to join us on this journey to develop technology and products in this space and would love to hear from companies, organisations and researchers with the ability to collaborate on long term research in this space.

If you would like more information feel free to contact Tim Head, BD Manager for AIM.

This work is part of CSIRO Agriculture and Food and the AIM Future Science Platform.