AIM18 is Now Open

November 20th, 2017

The Active Integrated Matter conference series is an opportunity for disciplines to come together from chemistry and materials, sensing and nanotechnology, physical processing and chemical engineering, informatics and data science, robotics and autonomous systems, to discuss and identify new science opportunities at the interfaces and address the challenges of a dramatically changing world as we head towards 2030.

Wrap up from AIM17 Conference

How is AIM18 is shaping up?

The 2nd Active Integrated Matter conference is now locked in for the 20th until the 22nd of February 2018 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Like last conference we will have the two days for CSIRO staff only followed by an open Gala dinner and open day 3.

The AIM conference will provide an opportunity to:

  • share your scientific research within CSIRO in confidence on the first two days
  • learn about the research happening within AIM and hear some of the early science coming out from the teams
  • share research with the Australian community on the final day of the conference open to CSIRO and non-CSIRO participants
  • create networks and seed collaborations with CSIRO scientists
  • hear from influential guest speakers from the relevant industry and academic sectors
  • participate in the international cafe conversations and panel discussions
  • marvel at our interactive CSIRO Techfest tradeshow