Personalised Fabrication of Smart Food Systems

Test Bed Vision:

To develop smart “inside-able” materials that are personalised to develop superior health and performance outcomes.

Infographic depicting Personalised Fabrication of Smart Food Systems test bed. On the left are research areas such as new food structures, novel processing, food/body interactions, personalisation, and in silico modelling) that will lead to developments like functional food, skin cream, and nutraceuticals.

Infographic depicting the Personalised Fabrication of Smart Food Systems test bed

Personalised Fabrication of Smart Food Systems

Can you imagine a future where you wake up feeling your best and ready to tackle the new day knowing that your nutritional needs are met?

Our scientists and engineers at CSIRO are working towards this future where food, nutraceuticals, and other products will be personalised based on an individual’s genetic makeup, and a reality where optimum well-being for each person is a reality.

We are building the underpinning science required to:

  • Develop a personalised and instant food processor; providing the smart, structured soft materials (food and cosmetics) on demand and personalised for you on the day.
  • Incorporate sensor technologies that measure food – body and cosmetic – body interactions and couple with personalised genomics and phenotype (lifestyle) data.

This test bed was led by Amy Logan and Nicholas Archer from CSIRO’s Agriculture and Food, and was a collaboration by staff from CSIRO’s Agriculture and Food, Data61, and Manufacturing.