Active Integrated Matter (AIM) is one of the 10 Future Science Platforms (FSPs) being run by CSIRO. Offering a new technology platform combining materials, robotics, and autonomous science, underpinned by processing and sensing technologies, CSIRO’s AIM FSP will lead ground-breaking advances at the interface of big data, advanced autonomous systems and materials science. The innovation developed in CSIRO’s AIM FSP will support the fourth wave of the industrial revolution—industry 4.0—providing global solutions and positioning early adopter industries ahead of the pack.


The Challenge

A number of mega-trend forecasts predict dramatic changes in the world by 2030. These will be wide-ranging; from personalised food and therapeutics to increased extreme weather events and human-free autonomous manufacturing and maintenance environments, known as ‘dark factories’. There will be an increased expectation for better products that are cheaper and more environmentally sustainable. Growing demand for customised products will require the development of sophisticated autonomous processes and maintenance systems.

For individual companies, this may seem daunting. How can you innovate fast enough to stay ahead of the competition?

A cartoon of the 'Make-a-Matic 2030' A robot handing a cog to a person whose car has broken down on the roadside.

Vision: products made to specification, on-demand, and to suit environmental conditions.

The 2030 vision of CSIRO’s AIM FSP is to work with our partners and collaborators to harness the scientific advances presented by big data, advanced autonomous systems, and materials science to provide a competitive edge for early adopters of these next-generation technologies. AIM will provide the tools needed to tackle global challenges, capitalise on trends, and ensure preparedness for future population, climate, and environmental scenarios.

The CSIRO AIM FSP is hosted by CSIRO Manufacturing and lead by Dr Kathie McGregor

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