AIM Gala Awards

February 22nd, 2017

AIM Awards

When the AIM platform started we set some core principles to achieve our ambitious impact goals. Using the AIM17 Gala Dinner we presented AIM Awards to highlight some of the exemplary behaviours of our staff aligned with the AIM principles. Congratulations to all.

AIM Openness Award

Brano Kusy and Antonio Robles-Kelly (DATA61). For a strong inclusive approach to their test bed which has seen engagement of staff across 5 business units and 5 states and territories as well as external academics and organisations participating in research relevant to the great barrier reef.

Congratulations to all our AIM award winners

AIM Collaboration Award

Karolina Petkovic, Edward Fox, Rodolfo García-Flores, Scott Chandry, Parveen Sangwan, Peerasak Sanguansri and Mary Ann Augustin (Ag&Food, Manufacturing and Data61). For the interdisciplinary Food Loss Bank Concept and Article, published January/February “Food Australia”

Congratulations to all our AIM award winners

AIM Transparency Award

Katie Styan (Manufacturing). For sharing information openly. Learning and embracing the AIM digital collaboration tools and leading their usage. Presented by Dr Keith McLean and Dr Cathy Foley Director and Deputy Director of CSIRO Manufacturing.


AIM “Outside of the Box” Award

David Howard (Data61). For proposing the most “out of the box” work package concept.

Congratulations to all our AIM award winners

AIM “Fast Fail” Award

Mike O’Shea (Manufacturing). For accepting and embracing the core AIM principle of “fast fail”. After test bed 1 was “fast failed” in November Mike continued to support the leadership team, collaborate with the other test beds and is here at the conference actively participating and supporting his colleagues.

Congratulations to all our AIM award winners

Going Above and Beyond for AIM Award-

To the entire organizing committee of AIM lead by Sharon Kort and Paul Sadler(Manufacturing). For pulling the conference together in 4 months. Especially when the conference chair breaks their ankle 5 weeks out has surgery and comes back with 2 weeks to go in a wheelchair.

AIM17 Organising committee members; Front: Ali Green, Tomasz Bednarz, Andrea Sosa Pintos, Karolina Petkovic, Paul Sadler and Shaun Howard. Back: Danielle Kennedy, Sharon Kort.