Bob Williamson

Science Director, Data61

Historical patterns of economic transformation / comparison with industrial revolution

David McKeague

Incoming media

Disruptive business models / digital attackers vs defenders | view pdf

Rob Hanson


Blockchain and disintermediation | download Powerpoint

Chris Egan

NSW Office of Small Business (speaking broadly from past experience with various government agencies, and not representing the views of NSW Government)

Role of government in digital disruption and innovation | download Powerpoint

Miguel Carascco


Role of government in digital disruption | download Powerpoint

Viveka Weiley


Digital disruption from a consumer perspective | download Powerpoint

Ishtar Vij


Machine learning | download Powerpoint

Greg Miller

ICT explorers

Education and training to meet challenges of the digital revolution | download Powerpoint

Hala Batainah


Digital revolution and social inclusion; some comments on education | download Powerpoint

Michael Holmstrom

STEMPunks and breadcrumb digital

STEM education and digital growth for business | download Powerpoint

Charley Lineweaver

ANU professor

Provocative thoughts on the future society

Jennifer Mulveny

Intel Corporation

Policy case study on drones | download Powerpoint