Demonstrations presented

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Showcase

CSIRO Data61Matt Adcock, Stuart Anderson

Put on headset and walk/interact in immersive VR.

Put on AR headset to experience 3D data hovering in the physical world.

Participants gain an appreciation for the relative strengths of each technology and the suitability to various applications.

Micro-sensing Technology and Systems

CSIRO Data61Peter Marendey

Bees with tiny sensors on their backs. No live bees.

The technology: The novel and innovative energy harvesting micro-device has been developed based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology or Integrated Circuit (IC) technology. The energy harvesting micro-device has capabilities of harvesting kinetic energy (vibration) into electrical energy (current/voltage) at a certain vibration. To tune such low frequency vibrations and to generate a high power, the energy harvesting micro-device has been successfully manufactured at the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN), consisting of (1) a single main energy harvester acting as a high frequency micro-resonator and a frequency-up converter, and (2) an array of micro-actuators acting as low frequency micro-resonators.

The demonstration will show the energy harvesting device in operation (video), the energy harvester will be displayed along with the prepared photomasks and a fact sheet.

Social Media Analytics

CSIRO Data61Cecile Paris

Social media platforms have become a main stream communication medium for the public and organisations alike, and Twitter and Facebook are routinely used by many organisations to disseminate information and engage with their customer base.

In these demos, we will explore some of the ways social media can be used to support government services, how social media can be mined to obtain useful insights, and, if time allows, how to start understanding one’s audience on social media and the impact of one’s own engagement in social media.


CSIRO Data61Ben Tam

Participants have the opportunity to interact and control one of CSIRO’s six-legged robot platform. They will gain insight into the capabilities of legged robots in carrying sensor payloads such as CSIRO’s Zeb-Revo 3D mapping system.

Telepresence Robot

Robot from the National Museum of Australia

© National Museum of Australia

CSIRO Data61 & NMAGavin Walker (Data61)Robert Bunzli (NMA)

Connect to National Museum Robots

Participate in a virtual tour of the National Museum of Australia’s 100 objects exhibit. A real guide will lead you around the exhibit while you virtually ride on the back of guides robot assistant. Each participant can individually look around using a live panoramic camera and investigate additional information provided in the tour. Visitors can talk with the guilds and participate in a discussion about the exhibit.