PhD Students & Opportunities





We are involved as co-supervisors with students from a range of Universities, particularly University of Tasmania. Prospective students are invited to contact us to discuss potentials projects in our area of TEPS expertise, particularly around fisheries interactions, climate impacts and adaptation, and marine pollution.
Our research interests are described on the Team page. Current students and their projects are listed below.

PhD Students

Lauren Roman Lauren is undertaking the Quantitative Marine Science CSIRO-UTas PhD program at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Hobart, Tasmania, researching the population-level impacts of plastic ingestion in Australian seabirds. Denise Hardesty,
Chris Wilcox
Kathy Willis Kathy is evaluating different types of government activities and their effect on reducing littering in the environment. Denise Hardesty,
Chris Wilcox
Kelsey Richardson Kelsey is researching the amounts, types, fates and impacts of fishing gear loss from major commercial fisheries around the world. Denise Hardesty,
Chris Wilcox
Claire Mason Claire is looking at climate variability influences on shy albatross populations and conservation under climate change Alistair Hobday,
Mary-Anne Lea,
Rachael Alderman
Sierra Ison Sierra’s project aims to adapt the framework of outcome mapping to enhance conservation action using a comprehensive case study of the Northwest Shelf Flatback Turtle Conservation Program. Gretta Pecl,
Chris Cvitanovic,
Ingrid van Putten,
Alistair Hobday


Past PhD Students

Year Student Title
2017 Pamela E Michael Pelagic longlines and albatross in the southern Indian Ocean: interactions of fleet dynamics, climate change and albatross