Software Engineering for AI

Software Engineering for AI Team focuses on innovative software engineering research and technologies that AI scientists and developers can use or embed to make both AI solutions and their development processes trustworthy and responsible. Our research directions include:
  • Multi-level governance for responsible AI
  • Trustworthy development processes of AI systems
  • Trust architecture and design patterns for responsible-AI-by-design
  • Responsible AI requirements engineering
  • Responsible AI knowledge base for AI engineering



Qinghua Lu (Team Leader), Zhenchang Xing, James Hoang, Jieshan Chen, Jiamou Sun, Sunny Lee, Harsha Perera, Tingting Bi, Saber Yu, Dominic Branchaud, Mengyu Chen, Mulong Xie, Dehai Zhao, Boming Xia, Yue Liu, Sin Kit Lo, David Zhang, Shidong Pan, Su Yen Chia, Terry Zhuo