The CSIRO’s Data61 Software Systems Research Group is globally recognised for its software engineering and architecture, blockchain, business processes, and responsible AI research. Our vision is to be the prime international science and technology driver for “AI/ML-based and data-driven systems with trustworthy data and processes, achieving trusted outcomes“.

SS research group consists of research scientists, research engineers, postdocs, and PhD students. While our research scientists work on both foundational and applied research, our research engineers deliver on the adoption and real-world impact of those research outcomes. Our long-term research ventures are also supported by postdoctoral fellows and PhD students under the supervision of research staff and local/international university collaborators.

To accomplish our mission, the SS research group addresses the following high-level research goals:

  • Achieving trust in real-world AI/ML-based or data-driven systems with the following focus:
    • Trust in data and software systems: explainability, privacy-by-design, ethical-by-design, process-oriented trustworthiness.
    • Federated platforms and secure data infrastructure for data sharing and data integrity   
  • Making real-world AI/ML-based or data-driven systems efficient to build:  
    • Software system design, testing, and review
    • AI as a platform/service
    • AI engineering and ML pipelines 
    • Trustworthy processes