Diversity and Inclusion in Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the Diversity and Inclusion in Artificial Intelligence (D&I in AI) Team, within the Software Systems Research Group at CSIRO’s Data61.

D& in AI - AI in D&IOur mission is to work towards an inclusive AI environment that reflects the diverse world we live in. We are committed to developing resources that embed D&I principles across the AI lifecycle. By doing so, we empower AI designers, practitioners, and adopters to create algorithms and systems that are fair and transparent, ensuring that our AI technologies serve everyone equitably. 

The interplay between diversity and inclusion (D&I) and artificial intelligence (AI) is symbiotic and essential; by embedding D&I principles within the fabric of AI’s design, development, and deployment, we enhance the robustness and fairness of AI systems.

This hand-in-hand approach ensures that AI technology not only benefits from human perspectives but also actively promotes and fosters D&I within our society.

Conversely, as AI for D&I progresses, the insights and capabilities generated from AI systems can be leveraged to deepen our understanding of D&I, accelerating and refining our practices to create a more inclusive world.

Together, D&I for AI and AI for D&I create a mutually reinforcing cycle that propels both technological advancement and social progress.


Defining Diversity and Inclusion in AI

“Diversity and Inclusion in Artificial Intelligence refers to the ‘inclusion’ of humans with ‘diverse’ attributes and perspectives in the data, process, system, and governance of the AI ecosystem.”

Diversity refers to the representation of the differences in attributes of humans in a group or society.
Attributes are known facets of diversity including the protected attributes in Article 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR): race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or other status; and (given the non-exhaustive nature of Article 26, attributes explicitly protected under Australian discrimination federal law, including but not limited to:) age, disability, criminal record, ethnic origin, gender identity, immigrant status, intersex status, neurodiversity, sexual orientation; and intersections of these attributes.
Inclusion is the process of proactively involving and representing the most relevant humans with diverse attributes who are impacted by, and have an impact on, the AI ecosystem context.


Our team has developed a set of resources aimed at assisting practitioners in operationalizing D&I throughout the AI project lifecycle. Our goal is to ensure that AI systems are more equitable, fair, and beneficial to a wide range of users.


Diversity and Inclusion in AI Guidelines


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