Responsible AI Operationalization

This project will develop innovative software engineering and AI engineering technologies that AI scientists and developers can use or embed to make both AI solutions and their development processes trustworthy and responsible. The technologies will be targeting multiple Missions with instantiation and validation in two or more specific Mission projects.

Sub project

RI FSP Project: An operationalised guideline for responsible AI

CSIRO Mission Alignment

The developed solutions will be cross-cutting technologies that fit with multiple Missions, such as Trusted Agrifood Exports, Critical Energy Metals, Towards Net Zero, Hydrogen Industry, SME.

Relevent Publications

  • Lu, L. Zhu, X. Xu, J. Whittle, “Software Engineering for Responsible AI: An Empirical Study and Operationalised Patterns,” to be submitted to ICSE-SEIP 2022.
  • Zhu, X. Xu, Q. Lu, G. Governatori, and J. Whittle, “AI and Ethics -Operationalising Responsible AI,” Humanity Driven AI: Productivity, Wellbeing, Sustainability and Partnership, 2021.


Research Team Involved

Software Engineering for AI Team