Smart contracts are destined to rule cross-organisational business processes. However, it is far from easy. The steep learning curve, time spent solving technical issues, and complexities of cross-organisational business processes are a recipe for mistakes that may not be fixable.

Lorikeet’s patent-pending, model-driven engineering (MDE) approach enables engineers and domain experts to focus on the business processes. Given a business process modelled using BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), Lorikeet automatically generates smart contracts to manage the business process. Its interactive BPMN modeller generates smart contracts on the fly, also making Lorikeet an excellent tool for ideation and proof of concept designs.

Lorikeet supports fungible/non-fungible asset registries, escrow for conditional payments, and asset swap. Lorikeet’s Solidity and Golang smart contracts are formally verified, well-tested, and production-ready. Smart contract deployment, interaction, and monitoring are also built-in. Owing to its foundation on MDE and formal verification, Lorikeet reduces time to market, risks, and enhances security.

Lorikeet screenshot

Research Activities

  • Dynamic business processes
  • Smart contract lifecycle management
  • Non-fungible tokens, certificates, and templates
  • Assurance and verification of models for smart contracts

CSIRO Mission Alignment

This project aims to develop cross-cutting technologies that add transparency and trust to Missions that involve supply chains or multiple stakeholders such as Trusted Agrifood Exports, Critical Energy Metals, Towards Net Zero, and Hydrogen Industry.

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Research Team Involved

Architecture and Analytics Platforms Team