Hydrogen ESG Certification

Hydrogen is an emerging industry in which stakeholders are beginning to establish global supply chains. While lack of visibility and trust among stakeholders is inherent in global supply chains, even at this early stage end-users and regulators are demanding for provenance information to independently assess the cleanness of hydrogen. To support organisations in dispelling the distrust and enhance sustainability, we propose to establish a trustworthy data platform for hydrogen accreditation towards sustainability. This project is to research and develop a blockchain-based data platform for hydrogen ESG certification.

In particular, the project will be conducted through the following workstreams: 

  • Hydrogen ESG certification process model: We will formally conceptualises the hydrogen ESG certification process considering the stakeholder/artifact relationships and certificate lifecycle. For example, carbon emission certificates issued by certification bodies are dependent on auditing reports generated by auditors, while certification bodies and auditors need to be accredited by an accreditation body.
  • Multi-party blockchain-based data platform architecture: We will propose a multi-party blockchain-based data platform architecture to support hydrogen ESG certification. The design will support customisation and take into account different levels of aggregation of data for different purposes with different software quality properties (e.g., privacy, creditability).
  • Real-time audit black box: we will design an audit black box to record critical data related to ESG conformance.

CSIRO Mission Alignment

The developed solutions will be cross-cutting technologies that fit with multiple Missions, such as Trusted Agrifood Exports, Critical Energy Metals, Towards Net Zero, Hydrogen Industry, SME.



Research Team Involved

Software Engineering for AI Team

Applied AI Systems Team