Automating Compliance in Australian Agrifood

This project focuses on automating compliance in the supply chain, reducing the regulatory burden through digitisation and application of RegTech.
Technology developed in the Trustworthy Processes team is applied directly in the Australian agrifood supply chain, as part of CSIRO’s Trusted Agrifood Exports Mission. Our goal is to embed digitisation and automation of export compliance into supply chain systems, to reduce the cost of meeting trade requirements and give regulatory processes the ability to scale and pivot.
This project integrates digitised regulations and protocols with digitised workflows and automated compliance checking technology, providing the necessary agility to shift to different export markets and enabling producers to adapt, when necessary, to changing compliance requirements.
Data is integrated into a consolidated data package, allowing for automated certification, which together build international trust through automation and provability of compliance.


Technology roadmap for automating export compliance for Australian agrifood

This project will deliver a technology roadmap to achieve automated end-to-end export compliance. It will detail requirements to embed compliance into digital supply chain systems, giving compliance activities the ability to scale quickly and remove potential bottlenecks that hinder industry aspirations to double exports.

The first steps to achieve these goals are:

  1. Convert selected export compliance regulations and protocols to digital rules;
  2. Ensure seamless integration with digital supply-chain platforms and Australian Government systems, allowing export regulations and protocols to be queried;
  3. Develop a technology roadmap detailing the technological requirements, value propositions and essential new workflows required to deliver the compliance need to allow Australia to meet their agrifood export growth aspirations.

Digital export certification

The aim of this project is to further develop RegTech prototype platforms developed within CSIRO towards market readiness, for which the agricultural export sector could provide the first customer. These prototype platforms build on models of legislation that are both understandable by humans and interpretable by computers.
Application of these models across the economy through development into useful applications, products and platforms could radically reduce the cost of regulatory compliance systems and improve their consistency and quality. These models help to assess the impact of proposed changes to regulation and represent significant potential for future government and commercial regulatory infrastructure. The current national drive to modernise trade systems provides an opportunity to establish a significant body of rules-as-code content that can be developed into value generating solutions within a specific industry, leading to the following direct benefits:

  • Empower supply chain systems to automate compliance;
  • Educate exporters by making rules queryable and regulatory knowledge accessible;
  • Allow use of rules in trade market intelligence by AI algorithms;
  • Agribusiness would be the users of digital platforms to increase compliance efficiency.

CSIRO Mission Alignment

Our research aligns with the vision of the Trusted AgriFood Exports Mission.


Research Team Involved

Trustworthy Processes Team