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Version 0.8.0 Now Available

Download the Spark applications user guide here.


Spark requires OpenCL drivers to run, please check the system requirements before installing the packages. Full instructions for both of these demonstration applications are available in the documentation. Two demonstration packages of Spark are currently available for Windows and Linux, spark-gui and spark-batch.

Spark-gui download links

Spark GUI is a demonstration application with a graphical user interface for Spark.

Spark GUI example. Colour scheme shows arrival time. 32-bit Windows
64-bit Windows
64-bit Linux

Spark-batch download links

Spark batch is a demonstration application configured for batch mode use on a server.

spark_batch 32-bit Windows
64-bit Windows
64-bit Linux
Linux Docker Build

Spark development links

Download the Spark processor development example here.

If you have issues downloading via the CSIRO Data Access Portal please contact the team.

 System Requirements | License