Wildfire Simulation Toolkit

Spark is a toolkit for the end-to-end processing, simulation and analysis of wildfires. Users can design custom fire propagation models by building on Spark’s GPU-based computational fire propagation solver and incorporating various input, processing and visualisation components, each tailored for wildfire modelling. Spark can be used for many applications including planning, warning and response, and research. The Spark toolkit allows you to:

  • Create powerful wildfire workflows from a huge suite of built-in operations
  • Define thousands of vegetation classes, each with their own unique spread rate function
  • Import all compatible GDAL and NetCDF data layers for use in pre or post-processing
  • Natively conduct ensemble analyses for uncertainties in a single fire scenario or for thousands of scenarios
  • Visualise and output your data with a wide range of built-in widgets and writers
  • Create custom user interfaces for your wildfire workflows
  • Ensure reproducibility of outputs with provenance.