Spark to present at ARDC’s Bushfire Data Commons Forum #3

December 1st, 2022

Dr James Hilton, Spark project lead will be presenting at ARDC’s Bushfire Data Commons Forum #3, Wednesday 7th December.

The Bushfire Data Commons – part of Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) ‘Bushfire Data Challenge program’ – has been created to help researchers and authorities share life-saving information.

The third forum will include presentations and updates on accomplishments and next steps followed by questions and discussions on projects of Bushfire Data Commons. Agenda includes:

1. Demonstration of Bushfire Data Challenges platforms (for understanding bushfire behavior and impact)

2. Bushfire project topics breakout rooms (parallel):
* Bushfire fuel
* Species
* Air Quality, Health, Fire History
* Data management.

To learn more about ARDC’s Bushfire Data Challenge, please view their website.

If you would like to attend the form, please register.