Research Partner Road Show – April 2016

CSIRO Perovskite Roadshow 2016

The aims of the roadshow are:

  • to identify measurement issues facing Australian PV researchers related to performance assessment of perovskite cells
  • to present information on CSIRO’s activities in improving test methods for perovskite cells
  • to hold an inter-comparison with Australian perovskite PV labs and the PVPL to identify the spread in measurement results due to the current absence of guidelines

The inter-comparison

Participants will be provided with three cells:

  • 2 packaged 1 cm2 perovskite cells. Package dimension: W=52.5, L=102.5, H=25.5 mm
  • 1 packaged 4 cm2 filtered reference silicon cell. Package dimension: W=65, L=95, H=15 mm, see (link to website)

All cells will have 4mm banana plug- terminated leads for 4-point electrical measurements and a K-type thermocouple temperature sensor with a mini flat-pin connector.

Participants will be asked to measure the STC efficiency of these devices according to their lab’s best practices. Following the Roadshow, CSIRO will collate the data and provide all participants with inter-comparison results.  All data, with the exception of that from CSIRO, will be anonymised. It is hoped that this exercise will provide participants with a useful indication of the quality of their measurement procedures. If it is decided that the results are of interest to the greater scientific community, warranting the preparation of a manuscript, all participants will be consulted as appropriate.