Site tour: Asia-Korea Conference on Science & Technology

November 22nd, 2018

The Asia-Korea Conference on Science & Technology, the main event for Korean Scientists and Engineers Associations in Asia-Pacific region aims to promote scientific and technological collaboration between Asia and Korea.

AKC 2018 is being held in Brisbane from 21st to 23rd November, being the sixth AKC since the first AKC which was held in 2008 in Japan.

Part of the Program includes the Young Professionals Forum, which saw around 50 postgraduate students visiting our site – the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technology (QCAT) and learning about our Group’s work!

The 2nd Young Professional Forum was organised by the Korean Federation of Science & Technology Societies(KOFST) and the Korean Scientist and Engineers Associations in Australasia (KASEA).

We hope that all the information shared by our team was a rich learning opportunity for these Young Professionals!

For more information on our outreach initiatives, contact us.