Showing the ropes of a career in robotics

August 14th, 2018


A weekend of showing young people and their families where a career in engineering, technology and robotics can lead them.

Last weekend, the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group at CSIRO Data61 joined RoboCup Junior Australia at The University of Queensland for the Robocup Junior Queensland Championships.

Part of the National Science Week, the Queensland Championships had approximately 700 primary and secondary school students competing with robots that perform, complete rescues through a maze and even play soccer.

The focus of the event is to encourage collaboration, further education and provide students with a platform to have a go and have fun with robotics and technology.

The Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group joined other organisations such BHP, Boeing, Freelance Robotics, Physical Prints as well as UQ’s robotics researchers and demonstrated to the hundreds of young robotics enthusiasts some of our own robots, including MAX, our 2m high legged robot!

Erin McColl who is not only a Mechatronics Engineer and Project Manager for our Group but also a Robocup Junior QLD Committee Member said that “it is incredibly rewarding to see the kids so excited about robotics and technology”.

Some of the comments Erin heard during the event included:

“I didn’t know there were options to work in robotics in here.” (Senior Student, Year 12)

“Previously I thought the kids were just playing with lego, but now I can see how this can lead to a career in engineering.” (Parent of an 11 year old)

“I love robots!” (5 years old child)

 With multiple outreach activities, our staff are continuously working to ensure sustainability of the robotics discipline by getting new generations interested and motivated about robotics and technology and events like this play a crucial role to achieve that.

For more information about outreach programs and initiatives, contact us.

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