National Science Week 2019

August 29th, 2019

National Science Week is an annual celebration of science and technology that took place between 10-18 August. Amongst the many events held around Australia, our team was sharing their passion and robotics expertise in the following:

  • Brisbane Science Festival

At the Brisbane Science Festival, the public was able to learn about and interact with a few of our legged and wheeled robots and learn about our 3D mapping technologies.

  • Kenmore State School Visit

We had the pleasure of introducing Gizmo, one of our legged robots, to Years 3 and 6 little avid minds at the Kenmore State School.

  • Gold Coast Libraries Science Spectacular! – National Science Week

Dr David Howard took Gold Coasters through a Luminary Lecture about ‘Robots in space’ at the Gold Coast Libraries.

Dr David Howard talking about robots in space.

Talking about the challenge for vehicles and structures sent into space to survive the harshness of (inter) stellar travel.

As the personnel on such missions will be limited, robots can be used in place. Dr David Howard spoke about the current technology and the opportunities of future technology, including robots that can:

  • adapt themselves to ever-changing mission requirements
  • assist a crew to repair and build new infrastructure, and
  • swarms that evolve and cooperate to survive the unknown.


Technical visits of our facilities & robots, guest talks, and competitions are just some examples of our outreach initiatives.

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