Mr David Thodey CSIRO’s Board Chairman visit

April 9th, 2019

Recently we have had the pleasure of welcoming Mr David Thodey, CSIRO’s Board Chairman on a tour of QCAT and the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group.

In touring our recently launched Robotics Innovation Centre (RIC), Mr Thodey was given a view of our legged robotics research, our work for the DARPA SubT Challenge, our world leading 3D SLAM mapping technologies as well as Gator; our Automated unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) platform and research.

At the RIC, he also saw a demonstration by our Distributed Sensing Systems Group colleagues, who displayed their BLEAT (Bluetooth Low Energy Aware Tracking) as well as other technologies they develop.

Our Group is highly involved in outreach programs and initiatives that showcase the benefits of our work to society as well as excite children and young adults for a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Technical visits of our facilities & robots, guest talks, and competitions are just some examples of outreach initiatives we can organise.

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