Magneto and the Nexxis partnership

July 16th, 2020

Part of our family of robots called Magnapods, Magneto represents the next generation of maintenance and inspection robots. With permanent electro-magnetic feet and cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), Magneto can climb and inspect vertical and ferrous surfaces at any inclination.

Magneto climbing a ferrous surface.

After demonstrating an early prototype, our Group has now partnered with Nexxis, an Australian organisation specialising in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) equipment, pipe inspection cameras a laser alignment tools, to bring the Magneto to market.

Nexxis currently has a two-part contract with CSIRO’s Data61 covering licensing the platform and funding an early prototype to be demonstrated to external clients.

Magneto’s design enables a high degree of flexibility, allowing it to successfully place its feet on discontinuous surfaces, such as narrow beams, and maintain that contact even when it is required to traverse a restricted space, making it capable of:

  • traversing surfaces at any incline
  • conduct confined space entry inspections
  • traverse narrow beams of varying separation
  • switch from locomotion to inspection of confined space voids

With advanced localisation and object detection features, Magneto can navigate and adapt its body to manoeuvre environments, while its quadruple footed platform provides limb freedom and manipulability while reducing the number of movements caused by the gravitational pull on the contact points.

In 2019, Magneto won 1st place in the “New Innovative Technology in Inspection Maintenance or Cleaning” award category at the Sprint Robotics Conference in Rotterdam.

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