Past Projects

Network of business concept.

A survey of scientists, researchers and other professionals in the Australian research and innovation system

Business people group meeting shot from top view in office . Profession businesswomen, businessmen and office workers working in team conference with project planning document on meeting table .

Exploring the perceptions of Australian company directors on the role of social licence and trust

Machine Learning and Responsibility in Criminal Investigation

Delivering responsible genomics with innovative computational tools to advance the field of medicine

Clarifying responsibility for 3D printed surgical tools created using AI for individual patients

Understanding how people make sense of and communicate about gene drive through narratives stories, metaphors and analogies

Responsible data governance to maximise landholder benefits from carbon and green finance markets

Helping Agri-Technology innovators explore how Responsible Innovation can be applied to their practice

Building research capability to tackle the societal opportunities and challenges of quantum technologies

Young Australians designing the future of responsible science, technology and innovation