The Responsible Innovation FSP and other stakeholders from CSIRO recently joined forces with the World Economic Forum and contributed to their latest Insight Report released at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022.

Research by CSIRO’s Precision Health and Responsible Innovation Future Science Platforms has shown that precision health’s vision of integrated, comprehensive, and personalised health for all still requires further development to enhance uptake.

We joined Charles Sturt University's podcast to explore questions on open science, open access and open data.

When a surgeon makes an error during a procedure, the legal framework of medical negligence helps attribute responsibility. But what about if the surgical tool itself is to blame? It gets even more complicated when you introduce tools that have been designed by an artificially intelligent system. We speak to DR DAVID DOUGLAS

We contributed to a project to help understand might we design and use digital technologies from an ethical position that prioritises Indigenous perspectives and knowledge practices.

RI FSP Director Justine Lacey recently participated in a panel of ethical thinkers and technical experts to discuss how we can ensure super-intelligent AI can benefit rather than burden society.

Faceless shot of modern Indigenous businesswoman working on laptop and typing on keyboard at table in office

Applying CARE principles for Indigenous data governance to guide big data collection, analysis and translation practice

A 3 by 3 storyboard illustrated by a student. It shows an example innovation and the considerations for farmers and consumesr. It's a digital illustration.

How can we ensure that future science and technologies are designed with socially responsible innovation principles top of mind?

CSIRO convenes science, governance and industry stakeholders in AgTech (and beyond)

A collaboration between two of CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms has led to the first Australian short course on responsible innovation in agri-technology