In February 2020, Dr Kathy Witt of the University of Queensland was awarded a prestigious Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship. These fellowships drive collaboration and innovation in novel industries that build Queensland’s global reputation in science and research capability.

A small team of researchers working in the field of responsible innovation came together in February 2020 for a visit by Professor Erik Fisher of Arizona State University. Prof Fisher led the team through the STIR (Socio-Technical Integration Research) protocol he developed to help researchers uncover the social and ethical dimensions of their research.

by Simon Torok This article was first published in ECOS. Negative emissions technologies can be a real part of our […]

Understanding impacts and relationships to better manage groundwater in Australia.

The pace of change of emerging science and technology is creating complex issues for societies and their decision makers.

CSIRO has surveyed Australia's research and innovation system to understand its perspectives on the current state of the science-society relationship, and what it sees as priority areas for change.