Dr Mitch Scovell is unlocking hydrogen’s human element

May 6th, 2022

The latest issue of Resourceful magazine profiles the latest in responsible innovation research on hydrogen technology.

Two scientists working with hydrogen membrane technology

Australia’s hydrogen industry is going from strength to strength, but it’s important to ensure Australians are on board from the beginning, writes TIM CONNELL in the latest issue of CSIRO’s Resourceful magazine.

Dr Mitch Scovell’s research through the Responsible Innovation and Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platforms is a looking at acceptance of hydrogen technologies, says Connell.

Dr Scovell’s recently published research, a review of studies looking at hydrogen acceptance, found that past research, primarily conducted overseas, suggests the perceived effects of hydrogen technologies (i.e., the degree to which they are seen as dangerous, beneficial and costly), and the associated emotions, are strong predictors of people’s acceptance.

“Research to date suggests that people like the idea of using hydrogen as an energy source, but they want to know a bit more about it and how it might affect their life before they make up their mind about hydrogen,” Dr Scovell says.

“I think it will be important to consider how specific communities may express different levels of support based on the type of technology they may be living near and impacts it may have on the community.

“For example, the water required to make hydrogen may be more or less of a concern for people depending on where they live,” he says.

Read the full article in Issue 26 of Resourceful magazine.