Quantum computers will be orders of magnitude more powerful than the classical computers we use every day. Now is our chance to share the benefits.

Professionals within the clinical genomics system recognise the significant benefits of genomics in healthcare, but they hold divergent perspectives on the ethical, technical, and social risks involved.

Brightly coloured strings of purple, yellow, orange and red entwine together to form a human head in profile, against a grey background.

Large language models have been shown to ‘hallucinate’ entirely false information, but aren’t humans guilty of the same thing? So what’s the difference between both?

Researchers at the Responsible Innovation FSP project showcase

On 1 June 2023, responsible innovation project leaders from across CSIRO converged in Brisbane to share their project highlights for […]

A team of researchers led by the RI FSP’s Dr Rebecca Coates spoke to cybersecurity experts and professionals to understand technical and ethical risks posed by quantum computing.

We caught up with the Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform's DR YUWAN MALAKAR to discuss his experience at the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Conference last year.

New research from the Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform led by DR SIMON FIELKE has explored the question of ‘how responsible innovation and mission-oriented innovation might work together’.

Advances in genomics science have huge potential for patient outcomes. But with this momentum comes an ethical tension around the rights of patients to own their data. New research by DR YUWAN MALAKAR and colleagues explores perceptions of health professionals around this issue.

With the hydrogen industry still in the early stages of development, community acceptance will be crucial to whether it succeeds. A new report examines public attitudes around not just how hydrogen is used, but also its production, storage and transport.

As Australia ramps up efforts to build a thriving commercial quantum industry, GABI SKOFF is investigating the role that responsible innovation may or may not be playing in this emerging innovation ecosystem.