Melanoma Identification

Playing it Safe in the Sun – Melanoma Identification

Australians enjoy a great outdoor lifestyle – but it comes at a price. We have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world.

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It can, however, be easily cured if detected early. However there is a need to provide doctors with technology that can assess whether a lesion is a melanoma or not with a high degree of reliability.

With one of the world’s leading melanoma experts at the Sydney Melanoma Unit and Australian medical instrumentation company, Polartechnics Ltd, CSIRO’s Quantitative Imaging Team has developed a digital mole monitoring and analysis system called ‘SolarScan’ which is designed to be used in doctors’ surgeries as a diagnostic aide in detecting melanoma. From an image of a patient’s skin lesion, the Image Analysis software extracts and measures features considered by experts to be important indicators of melanoma.

SolarScan has been sold to a number of skin cancer clinics and GPs’ surgeries in Australia and overseas.

The instrument in action A suspicious lesionLesion image segmented into regions of interest