High Content Cell Imaging

CSIRO is a leading developer and provider of image analysis software for drug development and biological research.

Our algorithms are targeted at rapidly and accurately quantifying processes, such as:

  • Trafficking
  • Cellular differentiation
  • Cell-cell interactions and adhesion
  • Apoptosis
  • Cell division
  • Chemotaxis and motility

Our Image Analysis Capabilities

We draw on a large body of intellectual property in advanced mathematical morphology. Our core expertise lies in advanced methods for image segmentation, suitable for high speed applications.

Our delivery path is supported by a rigorously engineered, multi-platform image analysis library.


We address a growing number of assays, including:

We make our work available either through software commercialised by our partners, or through our standalone software: HCA-Vision.

Our Standalone High Content Analysis Software

HCA-Vision offers powerful functionalities for the analysis of cell images. HCA-Vision is offered as a freeware. It features an easy to use graphical user interface, extensive reporting capabilities, and fast processing. Currently, HCA-Vision counts the following modules:

  • Neurite detection and analysis. This module allows to trace neuritis rapidly and reliably and produces a wealth of statistical information concerning their shape and structure. HCA-Vision has been validated in a thorough study published in Cytometry, part
  • Cell scoring. This module counts automatically the number of cells that express two different protein to a level above a user defined threshold.
  • Co-localisation. Increasingly, multiple cell types are cultured together, usually because the presence of one type supports or alters the development of the other type. This module allows to characterize these effects.

Commercial Partners

Selected analysis modules have been integrated into the cell imaging systems of the following companies:

  • PerkinElmer is a supplier of innovative tools and technologies for life sciences and pharmaceutical drug discovery. The company has licensed CSIRO’s neurite outgrowth detection software to run in the Acapella software for its Opera ultra high-throughput cell screening system.
  • Molecular Devices (formerly Axon Instruments) (http://www.axon.com)otechnology instrumentation company that CSIRO has helped during the development of their ImageXpressTM screening system.
  • BD Biosciences  (formerly Atto Bioscience) specializes in technologies for live cell-based assays and affiliated technologies including confocal high-throughput imaging. The company has licensed CSIRO’s neurite outgrowth detection software to run in the AttoVision software for its Pathway HT cell screening system.

Custom Solutions

We consult clients for developing tailored solutions for novel assays.