Image Analysis Products and Services

Our Image Analysis Services

As one of the world’s leading image analysis research groups, we build our solutions using the very latest techniques, long before they appear in commercial image analysis packages. These techniques are coded into our own portable library of image analysis routines. This library contains over 300 functions developed over 14 years, and supports analysis of images of up to 5 dimensions (i.e. 3 spatial dimensions, plus wavelength/spectral values plus time).

When solving a client’s problem, we consult them closely on their algorithm development and software delivery needs. We generally develop solutions in our unique development environment, which allows easy interfacing to our libraries for rapid code development. We then deliver the code in a form that best suits the clients’ needs. We are able to do this because our libraries are in portable C code (compiled on DEC Unix, Solaris, Windows NT and Linux).

These solutions may:

  • be used by the client for their own in-house operations
  • become part of a product sold by the client.

We have an extensive track record in assisting companies develop successful commercial products incorporating our software.

Software available for purchase:

  • HCA-Vision¬†– for high content analysis of cells.
  • Spot – for DNA microarray spot detection.