Microarray Spot Detection: DNA microarrays, often called DNA Chips, are used to analyse the expression level of particular genes. We have developed an advanced microarray spot detection and characterisation package, called Spot, which extracts more meaningful numerical formation than that from existing packages.

Cellular Screening: We have developed image analysis algorithms for High Content Analysis (HCA) of multiband fluorescence microscope images of cells for target identification and validation and compound screening in drug discovery. Our software can rapidly produce reliable measurements on cellular characteristics such as shape, neurite outgrowth, changes in adhesion and other morphological changes.

Protein Gel Analysis: Proteomics, an area of increasing interest to the biotechnology community, is the study of the structure and function of proteins. Two dimensional (2D) electrophoresis gel images can be used to identify and characterise many forms of a particular protein encoded by a single gene. We have the skills in segmentation and registration necessary to analyse these highly complex gel images. We are collaborating with Proteome Systems Ltd (PSL) to facilitate the interface between PSL’s protein array technology and automated technologies for protein analysis.