HCA Modules

Cell Counting

We have developed automated solutions for the standard assays commonly used in target identification/validation and compound screening in drug discovery. Most of these require an accurate count of the cells in each image.

Commercial Partners

Our cell counting code has been integrated into the HCA cellular imaging systems of:

  • Molecular Devices (formerly Axon Instruments) (http://www.axon.com) are a major biotechnology instrumentation company that CSIRO has worked with in the development of their ImageXpressTM cellular screening system.

If you would like to licence this module for integration into your software platform please see the contact details below.

Custom Solutions

We develop custom solutions for non-standard assays.

A typical neuron cell image captured using three fluorescence channels. The nuclei are shown in the blue and the cytoplasm in the green channels Our cell counting algorithm is better able to separate touching cells than standard methods.
 BioinfFig1  BioinfFig4