MARS 2022 – Recordings and Program

August 19th, 2022

Day 1

Recordings and Program from CSIRO’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Future Science Platform Conference, MARS (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Reimagining Science) 2022 on 31 May & -1 June 2022.

RecordingsSession NameDescription (includes video)Host intro (Andrew Klein MC) housekeeping   Acknowledgement of country by MC. Introductory video – Day 1 your HorizonBronwyn Fox (Chief Scientist) – pre-recorded and live streamed
Simon Barry (Science Director Data 61) and Cheng Soon Ong (Director MLAI FSP) – Q&A’s your Business  Session 1Session 1 – Future Industries
Showcase MLAI research connections
Health and Bio Security
Agriculture and Food
Lunch connectionsJones Bay Wharf’s your Business  Session 2aSession 2a – Digital, National Facilities and Collections
Showcase MLAI research connections
Data 61 (Part 1)’s your Business
Session 2b
Session 2b – Digital, National Facilities and Collections
Showcase MLAI research connections
Data 61 (Part 2)
Space and Astronomy
National collections and Marine Infrastructure
CloseAndrew Klein – and provide overview of next day session.
Evening info for physical attendees. SpeakerStefanie Jegelka – 
RecordingsSession NameDescription back and Day 2 video Andrew Klein MC welcomes.   Overview video – Day 2 acquAInted With Dr Jon Whittle
Director Data 61 CSIRO Postdoc pitchesAli Zia (Agriculture and Food)
Dimity Miller (Data 61)
Abdelwahed Khamis (NCMI)
Gaurangi Anand (Land and Water)
Yiqing Guo (Land and Water) Postdoc pitchesMelanie McGrath (CINTEL FSP – Data 61)
Ben Harwood (Data 61)
Zakir Hossain (Agriculture and Food)
Maryam Haghighat (Mineral Resources)
Zhibin Li (Health and Biosecurity)
Nikhel Gupta (Space and Astronomy)
Lunch connectionsJones Bay Wharf’s your business
Session 3
Session 3 – Environment, Energy and Resources
Showcase MLAI research connections
Land and Water
Oceans and Atmosphere
Minerals stepsCheng Soon Ong and Helen Hicks Note PresentationDino Sejdinovic–