Research activities

The MLAI FSP was organised into 6 activities, developed through a comprehensive series of cross business unit workshops.

The first two activities spanned the full spectrum of basic research to practical application: MLAI applications in the life sciences (Bioprediction) and Spatiotemporal problems. Next we had two method driven activities. The first (Context) to capture desirable design constraints such as privacy and fairness, into current machine learning algorithms along with socio-technical platforms for specifying MLAI tasks. The second (Decisions) to take us from machine learning predictions to decision making and actions. In science we often have very specific domain expertise, which we want to exploit in a hybrid fashion with MLAI predictions. We call this activity Hybrid prediction. One of the major successes of MLAI is in the field of computer vision, which we used to assist scientists to identify objects and extract features from raw data. The activity leveraging this for CSIRO science is called Object detection. Partway through the FSP, the Context Activity merged with the Hybrid Prediction Activity.