The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Future Science Platform (ML/AI FSP) will build an exciting new research portfolio to leverage CSIRO’s deep domain expertise and experience.  It will explore questions such as: How do we use machine learning to augment a scientist’s ability to generate and learn from scientific data?  What is the best way to include domain constraints (such as physical laws) and design constraints (such as privacy and fairness) into machine learning models? Where can we exploit genomic information in plant and animal breeding? Why is deep learning so effective in extracting meaningful features? Solving these types of challenges will open new vistas of scientific knowledge and positive impact.

As a member of the ML/AI FSP team you will work with top CSIRO scientists and engineers to develop new machine learning and artificial intelligence methods with a specific emphasis on solving significant science questions. Together we will build the next generation of science tools.

Check back often, as we continue to announce available positions.